Get Back in Shape! Your Term Life Insurance Calculator Says So

When you are looking for the best rates in life insurance policies, term life insurance is undoubtedly the way to go. However, if your health is bad, there’s a good chance that even term insurance will cost you more than you were looking to spend. If you use our term life insurance calculator, you can see the difference in rates between people who live healthy lifestyles and those who don’t. Getting back in shape can help you get the rates you need and increase your quality of life.

Here are some tips for getting back in shape:


Just because you don’t have the money to get a gym membership doesn’t mean you can’t be in shape. There are lots of things that you can do in your own home and neighborhood that can get you to the place you want to be physically. For instance, you can always run in the park, invest in a jump rope or a couple of small weights, and do sit-ups in your basement.

Eat Healthy.

Your term life insurance quote will be based on both your current state of health and your family history. So, if you have a history of heart issues and your blood pressure is sometimes high, cut down on the greasy and fatty foods and stay away from fast food chains! Not only will this result in a better life down the road, but it will also show your initiative to the insurance company, and they will be more likely to give you a better rate.

Don’t Smoke!

If you use a term life insurance calculator, you will notice a significant difference between the rates of smokers and non-smokers. Not only will quitting smoking make you less likely to develop lung cancer, it also makes you more likely to get a break on your premiums, which can be a big deal for anyone on a budget. Quitting may be easier said than done but the amount you will save on payments, not to mention on the actual cigarettes, will be well worth it.

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